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Glimpses into a house now demolished

MN South News - Staff Photo -

Demolition of the house at 208 Central Ave. N was done Wednesday, June 28. Deutsch Construction of New Prague tore down the house, removed the debris and had put down new dirt that same day. (Patrick Fisher photo)

Demolition of the house at 208 Central Ave. N by Deutsch Construction began around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday, June 28. By that evening, the roughly 100 year-old-house was gone and crews were spreading dirt around the site. Plans by the City of New Prague call for the spot to be seeded with grass.

The house had been rented by Irene Ellman and her late husband, Kenneth. The couple raised their three daughters in the house.

“My parents moved into this house when I was 9-years-old,” said Michelle Ellman, daughter of the couple, who still lives in New Prague. She said her parents lived in the three bedroom house for 38 years beginning in the 1980s until her mom moved out in December 2022.

On June 28, Michelle Ellman was taking video and photos of the demotion of the house with her cellphone. “A lot of good memories are going bye bye.”

“We had good times,” she said about growing up in the house. “We had fun. It had a big yard we could play in. I loved the old woodwork that was in the house.”

Michelle Ellman explained her parents had Willard Jelinek as a landlord. When he died, his will stipulated that the Ellmans be allowed...

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