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Twins clinic is inspiring for young children, adults alike

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Coach Joe Shallenberger from the Twins organization gives children direction on how to throw to home plate during the Twins Clinic on Thursday, July 13. (Jarrod Schoenecker photo)

The Minnesota Twins Youth Baseball Clinic on Thursday, July 13 at TCU’s Montgomery Middle and Elementary School’s outdoor fields was an inspiring event for all.

“We love doing this. This is my passion, what keeps me going,” said Coach Joe Shallenberger from the Twins organization. Coaching is what he said what made him clean.

Shallenberger hadn’t played much baseball before but did play shortstop in high school. He got out of sports as the years went on and into drugs. He became a drug addict and eventually had some kids. “I didn’t want to live like that anymore,” said Shallenberger. He decided coaching was his way to help keep out of doing drugs, so he started coaching in 1987. He later started coaching youth clinics with the Twins in 1999.

The Twins put on 20-25 of these clinics annually, sponsored by the Twins Community Fund. Anyone who wants to be a coach for these paid positions by the Twins just needs to have some experience in knowing how to play baseball, said Shallenberger. He is retired now and says, “I usually do a lot of....

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