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Elysian sets moratorium on cannabis sales

Jay Schneider,

With nothing in the city policy book governing cannabis, the Elysian City Council took action to make sure they have plenty of time to make sure there is ordinances in place when it comes to the sale and other items dealing with the drug.

The council approved an interim ordinance prohibiting the sale, testing, manufacturing, cultivating, growing, transporting, delivery, and distribution of cannabis products in the City of Elysian.

The moratorium will be in effect until January 1, 2025, but the city can cancel this moratorium at any time before the January 1 date. One Elysian resident spoke to the council about the moratorium and questioned whether or not residents could grow and use cannabis at their home during this time frame.

City attorney Jason Moran said the moratorium does not touch on the personal growth of cannabis and residents may have up to eight plants, four flowering, at their residences. They just can’t manufacture, grow, deliver, distribute, and sell from their residence.

The time of the moratorium will allow for any state agency licensing cannabis businesses to rule make and adopt its model ordinances which will further aid the council in studying and considering restrictions on the operation of a cannabis business and the use of the products.

This moratorium does not apply to the selling, testing, manufacturing or distributing of cannabis products related...

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